What’s happening to work in Australia – An Oral Record (1997)

Last Set of “almost” unpublished interviews grow more and more interesting because they are predictive of what is happening to work

You tend to interview rank-and file  workers rather than union officials or politicians. Why ?

 WL: They’re more important. The only politician I’ve interviewed was Jack Lang and he wasn’t very informative. Such people usually have a strong vested interest in not telling all the story. It has to look like there was no internal disagreement, no back-sliding, no betrayals, only victories and good intentions




Martie Lowenstein, is the holder of the Lowenstein Family Collection, a complete set of over 1200 interviews recorded by Wendy Lowenstein, author and pioneer Australian oral labour historian specialising in Australian working life. Permission to use the interviews for research and education is obtained by contacting this website. The Lowenstein family holds all rights to this collection of interviews recorded between 1967 and 2002.

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