National Library Fellowship for study of Wendy’s work on Great Depression

University of Newcastle Sociology Professor and Academy of Finland Distinguished Professor Lisa Adkins has been awarded a prestigious National Library of Australia Fellowship for 2018. The Fellowship was one of only nine awarded in the round.

Lisa Adkins
Professor Lisa Adkins at the Finnish Literary Archives, Helsinki.

The Fellowship enables Professor Adkins to spend 3 months at the National Library in Canberra researching ‘Wageless Life in the Great Depression’. She will focus in particular on the Wendy Lowenstein oral history collection. This collection contains a unique record of life in Australia in the Great Depression.

Professor Adkins’ Fellowship project has grown out of her current ARC funded research on contemporary unemployment and underemployment in Australia and her Academy of Finland (FiDiPro) funded research considering a major shift in the management of unemployed populations in Finland.




Martie Lowenstein, is the holder of the Lowenstein Family Collection, a complete set of over 1200 interviews recorded by Wendy Lowenstein, author and pioneer Australian oral labour historian specialising in Australian working life. Permission to use the interviews for research and education is obtained by contacting this website. The Lowenstein family holds all rights to this collection of interviews recorded between 1967 and 2002.

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