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Tag: Port McDonnell

Stan Gratte, Geraldton, W.A. ‘Ambania Ghost’

INTERVIEW:  Stan Gratte -1969 PLACE: Geraldton, W.A. NOTES: Stan, a poultry farmer and former railwayman talks about ...
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Bert Vickers, Perth, W.A – Wool Classer

INTERVIEW:  Bert Vickers -1969 PLACE: Perth, W.A. NOTES: Bert is a writer of English birth, aged about ...
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Fai Hockley, Madura, W.A

INTERVIEW:  Fai Hockley,-1969 PLACE: Madura, Nullabour, W.A. NOTES: The wife of a rabbit trapper on the Nullarbor, ...
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Harold “Spider” Willard, Quorn S.A. – Bushman

INTERVIEW:  Harold "Spider" Willard-1969 PLACE:  Quorn, S.A NOTES: "Spider" Willard, (Harold) was with the Government camel teams and ...
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Jack Manning, Quorn S.A. – Drover

INTERVIEW: Jack Manning -1969 PLACE: Quorn S.A. NOTES: Jack was in his eighties. He had been a drover ...
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Joe Kite, Quorn S.A.

INTERVIEW: Joe Kite -1969 PLACE: Quorn, South Australia NOTES: Joe, who is Archie Kite's brother, resembles him little ...
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