dad_blackwood_cropWerner Julius Lowenstein was born in Berlin 18 July 1922. His story is of a young Jewish boy growing up in Berlin, Hitler Youth in the classroom, Nazi Band practising marching behind his house, an  escape organised by Quakers using the “Kindertransport”, internment in England, transported on the  “Dunera” to internment camps in Australia at Hay and Tatura.

Martie Lowenstein-Nash: Songs my father taught me

May Day 1951 Werner & Wendy Lowenstein

Werner & Wendy on May Day 1951

Wendy, Werner and Richard Lowenstein 1969

Wendy, Werner & Richard Lowenstein  “Australian Folklore Expedition” 1969







ndy was born in Melbourne 25/6/1927


Video: Wendy Lowenstein Memorial 1

Video: Wendy Lowenstein Memorial 2